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Get a real-time look at any property, anywhere in the country.

Our Construction Lending Services provides you with low-cost, real-time, comprehensive Title Reports that deliver the information and data you need to make quick, correct decisions.

Check and report new recorded documents

Searching present title holder of the property

Documents, liens, transactions that affect the property

Information of public record to conduct a valid foreclosure

Document retrieval from any Recorder/Register of deeds

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JCP and LGS are names well-known in California real estate. JCP launched the disclosure industry in 1976 (as JCP Geologists), and LGS was a reseller of JCP reports when LGS started business in 1995. In 2007, JCP and LGS joined brands, and are now JCP-LGS -- the first and the most enduring name in California property disclosures. On the web we're known simply as "DISCLOSURES.COM"

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Fulfills CA state and local requirements

Fulfills CA state and local requirements

Fulfills CA state and local requirements

Highest standards of disclosures

Disclosure/builder reporting compliant

Includes CA state-mandated disclosures

Fulfills CA state and local requirements

Integrates workflow environments and network options

Online Data Back-up Services

Flexible trust accounting services that meet compliance

Obtain, track and record documents to clear title of liens at closing

Clear title of a previously paid off lien

Identify and locate the correct lender for payoff information

Manage the escheat process for outdated and uncashed checks

Provider of 1099-s, 1099-MISC and 1099 Certification services

Closing production software

Transaction management system

Flexible trust accounting services that meet compliance

Immediate answers to your lender questions

Your partner in business.

Online Data Back-up Services

Closing Production software

Transaction management system

Online Access to Stored Images Solution complete document imaging service

Electronic file management system